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Jalan Muntri

Jalan Muntri, Penang

I was in Georgetown, Penang this time last year where I was enjoying a few days walking around one of my favourite cities whilst strapped to my A2 drawing board. It was hot and humid and I would regularly stop for a '100Plus' at the café in front of the Muntri Mews Hotel, where I was staying. My face and clothes were always covered with charcoal and I think the staff found my activities and appearance quite entertaining as they approached me to take my order.

After a couple of days the hotel manager came up to me and asked whether I would do a drawing of the hotel.... I said, I couldn't really do that as it would be premeditative - too wilful, too prescriptive.

I thought again.

Ok - I can't draw the hotel but I can do a drawing whilst walking along Jalan Muntri. So I took up the challenge and this is the drawing, with the Muntri Mews appearing on both the left and right hand side of the drawing.

If you are ever in Georgetown, check out the Muntri Mews café and take a look at the drawing. It now hangs on the wall behind the bar.

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